Rafting in Coorg

"Rafting or Whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational activity utilizing a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on Whitewater or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers" -- Wikipedia

When a rivers gradient/slope drops enough to disturb the smooth flow of water a bubbly aerated unstable current is formed which is white in color, hence the name Whitewater

With its many rivers India does provide a lot of opportunities for whitewater rafting, especially in the Northern parts of the country, Whitewater rafting in Rishikesh being the most famous example. South of the Vindhyas, the best place for rafting is Coorg. With its hilly terrain and copious rainfall, rivers in Coorg crash down beautiful valleys forming challenging class 1-5 whitewater opportunities

Rafting on the Barapole river

The most challenging Whitewater rafting opportunity in South india is the whitewater rafting on the Barapole river in South Coorg. The actual length of this run is between 3-4 KM, but the rapids on this river stretch can be a class 4-5 (depending on the rain)

The entire rafting session lasts about 3 hours. This includes a mandatory training session for all rafters. Rafters are first familiarized with the rafting equipment and taught paddling and safety/rescue techniques. Every rafter has to go overboard and is rescued by his team mates, this makes people comfortable with water and also ensures all the rafters have practice of rescue techniques. At the end of the training session every rafter would have learned the proper use of the equipment and also the various commands that need to be followed. If any of the rafters are not comfortable with water or with the effort, the guides will stop them

After the training session the rafters proceed towards the rapids, which are exotically named, "Morning Coffee", "Grasshopper", "Wicked Witch" and finally "Big Bang"

Age: 14 to 60 years
Weight: Below 110 Kg's
Fitness levels: Moderate (Rafting is not a power sport), but please disclose all known medical conditions to your guides so that they can be prepared
Knowledge of Swimming: NOT REQUIRED
Attire: No Sari's or loose/bulky clothing, Shoes or Floaters (bare feet not allowed), Empty all pockets completely, No watches, Jewellery etc.
Minimum group size: 4
Rafting distance: 3 - 4 KM
Time for the session: 3 hours
Tariff: Rs 1200 / head only (As of July 1st, subject to change, please confirm)

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Rafting at Dubare

Dubare is more famous for its Elephant Camp rather than for rafting challenges. Rafting in Dubare is on the River Cauvery, the river is wide and passes through dense forests. Dubare offers two rafting options for rafters, one an 8.5 KM run and another a 12.0 KM run (depends on water level). While the rafting here is not as technically challenging as in the Barapole river (Maximum we get class 1-2 rapids here), Dubare rafting allows the rafters to generally enjoy the river more, rafters can safely float down the river in the life jackets, enjoy the wildlife and relax

There are no mandatory training session in Dubare, first time rafters are explained basic commands and then hit the water immediately

Email us at lakshholidays@yahoo.co.in or call us for bookings or clarifications